Bluebird Flower Farm
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Hi there!

My name is Linnae Harper, and I’m the owner of this operation!

This picture was taken 2 years ago, so my kids all have grown, but I pretty much look the same. :) As a side note: my baby’s hair is now white-blond and down to her shoulders!

I love flowers! Perhaps it is partly due to not having them as kid.

I grew up in rural Alaska, where flower gardens weren’t really a thing. In fact, for 7 years we lived in Barrow, Alaska, which is the northernmost town in the United States. We were far above the tree line, and during our “summers” we enjoyed 50-60 degree weather—so not real conducive to growing things outside.

My flower obsession really began when I got married, and planted my first flower garden. Friends, it has just grown from there! Every place we have lived I have grown flowers, thought about flowers, learned about flowers, and cut them to bring inside.

When we moved here to Utah and bought a house on 1/2 acre, I was so excited! My flower farming dreams could finally become a reality! I started Bluebird Flower Farm in 2018. I am a farmer florist, so I grow the flowers and also make arrangements.

I am part of the Slow Flowers movement, which means I believe in using locally and sustainably grown flowers in my arrangements. I use my own flowers first. If I don’t have something, I look next to my Utah flower farming friends, and finally, I do have an account with a wholesaler that offers American grown flowers.

I enjoy making arrangements for everyday, and for special occasions too. I take orders by phone, primarily, and offer free delivery within Morgan County. I also offer a weekly business subscription (one flower arrangement per week for your front counter) and personal bouquet subscriptions.

I would love to bring some flower happiness to you and your loved ones! Call me: 801-845-8217 or