Bluebird Flower Farm
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Hi there!

My name is Linnae Harper and I love flowers!

My flower obsession really began when I got married, and planted my first flower garden. As a gardener, I had so much fun putting together colors, forms, and bloom times together in my flowerbeds for a beautiful display that lasted all season. I loved playing with cut flowers, too, and making arrangements.

I started Bluebird Flower Farm as a way to put together these two passions as a farmer-florist. What that means is I grow flowers specifically for cutting and arrangements. Then I cut them, condition them, and arrange them to sell. It’s hard work, and quite different from growing them in a garden, but I enjoy learning more about every aspect of this business and putting it to good use!

As I learn, I take delight in teaching my children, family, and friends about how to cultivate and care for these flowers that I love. I want everyone to be surrounded by beauty and the happiness that comes from fresh flowers, whether in a flowerbed, a container on the porch, or a vase on the table!

The hardest thing for me is narrowing down the varieties to grow. I want them all! Alas, money, time...blah blah blah. So I do have to choose. I currently farm in my backyard, on less than 1/2 acre, so space is an issue as well. On the bright side, I manage to carve out a little more space for flowers every year! Lawn is overrated, right?

I’m always eager to talk about flowers, so let’s chat sometime! Better yet, let’s take a stroll through the garden, cut some to bring inside, then make some beautiful creations together.